Deqxa is built to connect customers to service solutions and service providers to customers

Add Service

Simple interface to add your service into the database for access by millions of customers

Service Access

One tap on a service to get a list of services near you

Easy Maps

Embedded google maps to give you simple access to all listed services


Pin Drop

Single or Long click on maps to list services available anywhere on the globe

Easy Search

Simply search what you need and bingo! you have it on your screen

A missing service?

Tell us what service you are missing on the list and we will add it for you


Get to your desired service location with ease

Have you ever wondered where to go to get a certain service? Worry no more.

Your Location

We will automatically pick your location.

Your destination?

Once you have selected a service, we will then pick that as your destination

Map Direction

We will direct you, navigating the corners and paths to your exact destination


You can always recenter your position and calibrate to specific locations

Service connections

Chat with your service providers conveniently on Deqxa. One tap chat

Want a call?

Deqxa gives you a one tap call to your service provider

Share your location?

Do you need a service delivered at your doorstep? Drop 'em a pin location. They will get to you

Service Rat?

Do you want to rate a service? Give a thumbs up to your good providers

What else on my connects?

Apart from rating, share with friends what have pleased you and let them get the best services from your cool providers.



Deqxa quality service preview is here?


The security of your data is guaranteed. Your chats are encrypted. On you and your chat mate can access your data



Simplicity is our priority. Register to Deqxa with your Google or Facebook accout. Hustle free!


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